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Close the deal!  

What is this SALES PITCH TRAINING about? 


Sales Pitches, without any doubt, is the supreme discipline among sales presentations. Time is limited. The audience’s attention span is as well. Every moment counts. In order to successfully deliver our sales pitch, we have to be fully prepared and intensively trained. We have to be flexible and spontaneous while answering critical questions and objections. And not only is it our job to make the audience curious but to leave no doubt that there is only one right decision in the end: to close the deal!

Are you ready to become a pitching expert for your product or your idea? 

Over the past years, I have been successfully coaching young start-ups for TV shows such as "2 Minuten 2 Millionen" as well as sales executives for their product presentations. No pitch is like the other. During our work we define your individual goal and focus on your strengths. At the end of the day, we pitch our personality as well as our product. In an authentic, convincing and joyful way. 


How can I find out if this SALES PITCH TRAINING is the right choice for me? 


  • There is an important sales pitch coming up and I want to seize the opportunity for my idea. 

  • My sales pitch is still lacking the "certain something" or I just started with my preparation.

  • I have difficulties convincing the audience of my idea, although I am convinced myself. 

  • I have absolutely no experience in sales pitching and want to change that. 

  • I am looking for a sparring partner who asks critical questions and provides honest feedback.


What can I expect from a professional SALES PITCH TRAINING? 


  • The exciting journey from your idea to the perfect sales pitch

  • Discovering your individual and unique sales skills  

  • The brain-friendly structure of your sales pitch - emotions instead of information  

  • Perfect reactions to objections, critical questions and disruptions

  • Comparison and alignment of your self and public image with the help of video analyses


Make an appointment for your free of charge consultation on individual or group training options both in German and English and receive your customized training concept (also available for online training).

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