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What is a WEBINAR WORKSHOP about? 


Hosting a professional webinar in front of a larger audience, undoubtedly is an exceptional situation and a significant challenge for most people. Although, we can usually rely on our expertise in know-how, we often have to deal with stage freight or the simple fear of failure before speaking in public. As a consequence, we start focusing on potential risks only: What if I forget my lines? What if the crowd hates me? What if someone notices my tension?


The good news is that it is in your hands to change this situation! Learn how you can stop considering your stage freight and nervousness as enemies you are supposed to fight! Rather we are looking for ways how you – despite your tension which is to a certain degree absolutely normal – will be able to enjoy and master your public speaking engagement in the future. 


With the help of the right tools, efficient preparation and positive attitude you will not only acquire valuable speaking skills but also learn how to get your audience to remember you and your message.


How can I find out if a WEBINAR WORKSHOP is the right choice for me? 


  • I want to make use of the opportunities and advantages of webinars for my company. 

  • My goal is to efficiently transfer knowledge and demonstrate competence. 

  • I have difficulties drawing the audience's attention to myself.

  • I am struggling with stage freight and inner tension before public speaking engagements.

  • I want to appear authentic, natural and confident during webinars.  


What can I expect from a WEBINAR WORKSHOP? 


  • Sustainable strategies for an efficient preparation and execution of your webinar

  • Comprehensive analysis of your personality structure and speaking type

  • Customized advices for an optimized online use of your voice and body language

  • Efficient methods for a clear positioning of your content

  • Comparison and alignment of your self and public image with the help of video analyses


Make an appointment for your free of charge consultation on individual or group training options both in German and English and receive your customized training concept (also available for online training).

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