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Let me ignite your spark. 

You are looking for a speaker for a conference or congress

You would like to increase the value of your event with a special inspiration

Your goal is to boost your team's creativity with focused inputs from outside? 

In my keynotes I create an inspirational space for growth, development and successful communication. I talk about hot topics in the world of work and our society. Issues that affect our lives. From the often untapped potential of different opinions to the opportunities of diverse, inclusive teams to the strengths of individuality in public speaking - I deliver impulses that encourage you to question the status quo and to reflect your own patterns.

Please find below a small selection of topics or make an appointment for your free consultation and receive your customized keynote concept - available both in German and English. 




  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES NEED COMMUNICATION ACTIVISM | Why empowerment starts with communication. 

  • THINKING WITHOUT BOXES | Diversity and inclusion as a mindset for mutual success. 

  • EMBRACE THE UNHAPPY | The untapped potential of unhappy employees.

  • BRIDGING THE GAP | From division to dialogue to a common goal. 

Other keynote topics in the area of conversational skills (e.g. "4 elements for a successful dialogue with those who think differently."), personality development (e.g. "The Golden Circle - Self-coaching four success.") or public speaking (e.g. "Introvert vs. extravert - Myths and the power of individuality.") are adapted to the respective expectations and needs. This means that every keynote is a unique impulse for you, your event or your team. 

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