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What is sales training all about? 


When we think of sales training, we often have shady strategies in mind which only aim to manipulate and eventually force our business partner or customer to make to purchase. We might think of statements such as: “A good sales person can sell anything!” And we ask ourselves if these are traits we really intend to acquire. 


In my opinion, the focus of an efficient and sustainable sales training lies somewhere else. It focuses on learning how to successfully sell something we love and care for. It focuses on our inner conviction that we solve problems and provide great solutions for our customers - in the form of products, services, brands or my personality.


We all possess these individual and unique skills which help us sell something that is important for us - even if it is just an idea we feel strongly about. All we need are the right tools, proper preparation and a positive mindset. Things I will be more than happy to provide during your sales training!


How can I find out if sales training is the right choice for me? 


  • I want to be able to sell my products, services or ideas in the most authentic way.  

  • I aim at recognizing my customer needs and at finding the perfect solution. 

  • Responding confidently to complaints is usually very hard for me.

  • I want to focus on my clients and respect my own values at the same time.

  • When facing challenging situations I sometimes have difficulties finding the right sales arguments. 


What can I expect from a professional sales training? 


  • The exciting journey from your idea to the perfect sales pitch

  • Discovering your individual and unique selling skills  

  • Practical tips and tricks for focused and solution-oriented sales conversations  

  • Ways and means to better analyze your customer's needs

  • Comparison and alignment of your self and public image with the help of video analyses


Make an appointment for your free of charge consultation on individual or group training options both in German and English and receive your customized training concept (also available for online training).

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