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A speech in front of an audience is and remains an exceptional situation for many people. Nervousness, stage fright, and fear of possible failure are reactions we often struggle with before performing. As a result, we start exclusively focusing on negative thoughts and every possible potential risk: What if I forget the text? What if the audience doesn't like me? What if they notice how nervous I am?


The good news is that it lies in your hands to transform and improve this situation! Learn how you can stop seeing your stage fright or nervousness as enemies to fight. Rather, we are looking for ways how you - despite your tension which to a certain degree is absolutely normal - will be able to enjoy and master your future public speaking engagements. 


With over 10 years of professional experience in international corporations, several years of training as a psychological counselor, and over 2,000 hours of training and coaching experience, you will receive only practical tools that are scientifically recognized. Together with optimal preparation and your positive inner attitude, you will not only acquire valuable skills to speak with confidence but - even more importantly - to be remembered by the audience. 


How can I find out if PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING is the right choice for me? 


  • I would like to communicate my idea or my message even more clearly in front of an audience.

  • I struggle with nervousness and stage fright whenever I have to speak in front of other people.

  • I would like to establish an honest relationship with the audience during presentations and speeches.  

  • I find it difficult to follow a clear structure and to get to the point.  

  • I would like to be remembered for a long time with my content. 


What can I expect from a professional PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING? 


  • Sustainable strategies for the preparation of your speech  

  • Detailed analysis of your personality structure and speaking type  

  • Individual tips for the efficient use of your voice and body language

  • Comprehensive theoretical and practical inputs based on state-of-the-art presentation techniques

  • Comparison of self and external image through video analysis


Arrange your free of charge consultation for individual or group training options both in German and English and receive your customized training concept (also available for online training).

You want to find out more immediately? - Check out my YouTube channel!

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