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“For me personally this was one of the most useful workshops I have attended to. I certainly have taken a lot out of the course and it has helped me improve my presentational skills. Lastly, the energy throughout the whole course was very positive and inspiring, there is nothing I would have changed!”

University of Economy Vienna

Your benefit:



General requirements for personal and professional training and education have changed significantly. And it’s a good thing. Traditional one-day standard seminars simply won’t do it anymore. Today, corporate training and personal education activities have to deliver measurable results and therefore directly contribute to your success. Only in this way investments in personal and professional development programs make sense and guarantee your expected rate of return. This is why we clearly define your measurable goals right at the beginning before you receive your individual offer for achieving your objectives. 


Your benefit:



​Every seminar, every workshop and every training is specifically targeted to meet your needs. Depending on your budget and availability I will support you and your team over a period of several days, months or even years and therefore I encourage your individual development and assure the achievement of your goals. However, my mission does not end with the farewell of the training participants. I will gladly be available for further individual coaching and more than happy to answer any remaining questions. This is my committed approach to sustainable know-how transfer.


Your benefit:



​Training requires training. In order to meet your as well as my own quality standards, every single training session and workshop is being evaluated. In addition, I regularly undergo professional supervision and participate in various training programs myself. All of my training contents, methods and models are based on scientific findings as well as many years’ experience and are being continuously reviewed and adapted. During each training session I strongly convey a culture of open communication and attach great value to honest feedback beneficial for further improving my training offers. 

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