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Deliver your message!

What is MEDIA TRAINING about? 


No matter whether you want to present your very own product or whether you act as an organization's spokes person delivering a certain message - the media landscape provides an effective and powerful platform. However, especially television and radio interviews as well as live appearances always represent a big challenge and very often we refrain from seizing this great opportunity - mostly due to our own stage freight and the lack of experience.


Usually, we do not get the chance to rehears our television appearance on site and we hardly receive all questions being asked in advance. This is why perfect preparation plays a major role during media training: When should I confirm an interview request? When shouldn't I? What is the key message I want to communication? Who is my target audience? Who is the media company's target audience? All this questions have to be answered well in advance and are core contents of every valuable media training.  


With over 10 years of professional experience in international corporations, several years of training as a psychological counselor, and over 2,000 hours of training and coaching experience, you will receive only practical tools that are scientifically recognized. With the help of these tools, efficient preparation and a positive, self-confident attitude you will be able to successfully use the full potential of every media platform.  


How can I find out if a MEDIA TRAINING is the right choice for me? 


  • I want to present myself in the most authentic way in front of the camera. 

  • I am afraid of being thrown off scent by critical interview partners. 

  • I want to able to effectively deliver my message in the presence of challenging audiences.

  • It is hard for me to show my true competencies while being recorded.

  • I would like to use media as a platform for my ideas, products and services.


What can I expect from a professional MEDIA TRAINING? 


  • Sustainable strategies for an efficient preparation of media appearances

  • Ways of dealing with different journalistic interview techniques

  • Comprehensive analysis of your body language and the according impact

  • Comparison and alignment of your self and public image with the help of video analyses

  • Efficient methods for an authentic positioning of content


Make an appointment for your free of charge consultation on individual or group training options both in German and English and receive your customized training concept (also available for online training).

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