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Be Yourself: 8 Tips for More Authenticity

Authentizität und die eigene Persönlichkeit

Whether it's about social media presence, personal communication, or behavior on a stage in front of an audience - we want to appear authentic, or better yet, actually be authentic. But what does that really mean? And why do we sometimes find it so hard to show more of our "real" side?

Authenticity doesn't necessarily have to do with communicating our thoughts and emotions unfiltered at all times. Nobody is going to pat me on the back if I start a workshop at 8:00 AM by saying, "I'm tired and not really feeling it today."

Authenticity means much more about being in harmony with one's own, situation-dependent role, being aware of one's own communication filter - this also includes knowing what influences our individual communication - and using this filter in a way that also helps us achieve our goals.

That's why my latest podcast episode offers 8 tips that can actually help us be more "ourselves":

  1. Get to know yourself better! 

  2. Pay attention to your feelings. 

  3. Listen actively. 

  4. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

  5. Resolve conflict through dialogue. 

  6. Learn to give honest feedback. 

  7. Accept different opinions. 

  8. Be self-critical, but realistic, and learn from your mistakes. 

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